CEO Today Management Consulting Awards 24 CEO Today Management Consulting Awards 2019 UNITED KINGDOM SIMON COURT Founder & CEO of Value Partnership FIRM PROFILE “Leadership has never been more challenging. We are here to help you build conviction into your purpose, strategy and culture.” We are a leadership consultancy. When we founded Value Partnership 21 years ago we set out to make our clients stronger, to be a true partner to our clients. That remains who we are today. As a team, we are proud of the stories we can tell of 5-6x revenue growth in international growing companies such as Miniclip and Tipico. And equally proud of the countless leaders that we have helped to develop within market leaders such as Groupe SEB and Lafarge-Holcim. But underneath each client success is the foundation of a trusting long-term partnership. That is why Electronic Arts have worked with us since 2005. Why Tipico have partnered with us since 2011. And why, when our clients leave these organisations, they take us with them to their new homes. Our value resides in our people. We’re not just consultants, we’re partners and through client partnership we make a difference across numerous challenges, industries and countries. Our team is multi-national and multi-lingual and our commitment to continuous learning is symbolised by our consultant academy, launched earlier this year to help us to grow, share and reflect. Our research enables us to create new IP, knowledge and insights that steer our work and help develop our clients. Our most recent research is focused on mapping the evolution of a business from start-up phase through to reinvention, and we’ve designed the Value Partnership ‘compass’ to help our clients to navigate that business journey. We strive to make a difference to our clients’ businesses and lives and we embrace new models of collaboration to enable growing companies to benefit from partnering with us on their business journey. What is our goal? A sustainable future for Value Partnership with our team at the heart of continued growth and success. I am only one part of that brilliant team. TESTIMONIALS “ Value Partnership have been a fantastic catalyst in driving improved business performance at Miniclip .” Rob Small, CEO, Miniclip “Without Value Partnership’s support I can truly say that I wouldn’t have achieved what I achieved in my professional life.” Jan Bolz, CEO, Tipico 2011-16 “Value Partnership have been a valued and trusted partner with Electronic Arts for 14 years. The work that they have done as coaches, team coaches and as offsite designer and facilitators has been focused on our business needs, of the highest quality and has led to some great outcomes.” Andy Billings, VP Profitable Creativity, Electronic Arts “ I met Value Partnership by referral in 2004 and I’ve been working with them ever since across 4 different financial service organisations. There are not many companies who have steered through the constantly changing world to remain relevant - flexing what Value Partnership offers - cleverly mixing the big corporate with the younger start- up - so the question is not so much why I still use Simon and Value Partnership but why you don’t? ” Andi McCann, Global Design, Business Architecture and Innovation Lead, HSBC

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