CEO Today - Management Consulting Awards 2022

CEO Today Management Consul t ing Award s 2022 - ITALY - - 11 - was to have more time to devote to them. When I gave my definition of leadership, I said that it is the ability to lead a team that can achieve goals autonomously. This is of fundamental importance to ensure that the leader or entrepreneur has enough time to devote to their personal life alongside the strategic planning of their company, so I take this on board myself for the sake of my family. I will also never give up my dream of helping the progress of society through the improvement of my customers and work environments. A successful company is not one that merely manages to make a profit for its shareholders, but one that has a social purpose that makes it almost unique, and which manages to reconcile economic productivity with social and territorial productivity. This is a result that fills my life, beyond even the great business successes we achieve. What does this award mean to you? It is an honour and a responsibility. An honour because it is a recognition of all the work I have done in recent years and the commitment I have put into growing my customers, my company and myself. I am proud to receive this award as further testament to the quality of the work done. It is a responsibility because to respect our mission – that is, to help entrepreneurs grow their profits, systematise their company and attain the ideal business state – is becoming increasingly difficult in our ever more uncertain, volatile and complex world. But for us it is a challenge that motivates us to continuously improve and to pursue our final challenge: to make a positive impact upon society beyond making profits. think there are two main prerequisites for this job. The first is the ability help the customer analyse all the elements that make up the problem itself, to know how to synthesise between the elements in groups or similar sets to break down the problem into smaller and more manageable parts and subsequently help him find a solution with creativity. Communication is also an essential skill. Without it, you cannot be able to manage a fruitful relationship with the client. Those who have difficulty communicating do not meet the minimum requirements to be a coach. In an ideal world, is there anything that you would change about your role as a coach? This may sound arrogant, but I would not change anything about my way of being a coach or training coaches, because what I am today is the result of years of experience in both corporate world and the world of coaching. The protocols I use have been effective with all our customers, and the things that work do not need to be changed. Obviously, if the scenarios were to change or if it was necessary to implement the method with new protocols, I would not hesitate to change them. In these past few years we have managed hundreds of customers, and all of them have achieved results of some kind. So, to this day I have no regrets. Is there one particular thing that you could not live without? My family. One of the reasons why I embarked on this new career path reactions of a person under pressure. These may manifest as outbursts of frustrations, but also as moments of anger, lies, stories that the customer tells to himself and to you to avoid appearing responsible for his situation. One of the most valuable skills that a coach gives to the client is the ability to remain calm, lucid and analytical when everyone is in the grip of anxiety. The second important skill for the coach is leadership. There are many definitions of leadership, but my personal definition is to lead a team or a person to be independently productive and to achieve predefined goals. The third skill to which I give great importance is empathy: knowing how to recognise the emotional condition of the client while remaining assertive and lucid. It is also important to suspend judgement. Judging a situation or a customer, in addition to being wrong from a relational point of view, is very often a source of error because it is difficult to understand the reason for a customer’s situation. A coach should never make considerations about the nature of the client or about what he is or what he should be, but he should help him find his answers and then support him in the execution of the project. Finally, another fundamental skill is knowing how to wait. Like a good farmer waiting for the fruits they grow to ripen, without doing anything else, a coach must respect the timing of his coachee. The client must come to his own conclusions and must be able to do what there is to do in his own way and at his own pace, without forcing his hand. Obviously, you cannot exclude essential skills such as problemsolving and communication, but I

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