CEO Today - Management Consulting Awards 2022

CEO Today Management Consul t ing Award s 2022 - GERMANY - - 25 - Stéphane Beemelmans Managing Director “As Managing Director of PD, I am responsible for PD’s unit that covers construction, infrastructure, and municipal consultancy. We advise the German federal government, the federated states and the local authorities on infrastructure and support the various stakeholders in the public health sector with specific expertise. Our special strength is project management for large construction projects of public sector clients, which are being developed as partnership models or technology partnerships. Before joining PD, I was working as Head of Department in the Federal Ministry of the Interior and as Secretary of State in the Federal Ministry of Defence. Due to my experience on the client side, I am fully aware of the internal administrative and legal obstacles that the public sector is facing in its modernisation processes. Since having joined PD as Managing Director in 2016, I have been speaking on a daily basis with executives at all levels of local authorities, who are committed to modernising public administration. The increasing number of our public shareholders reflects just how interested the public sector is in consulting services. In addition to the federal government, our 146 shareholders currently include 11 federated states, around 90 local authority shareholders, many university hospitals, and large municipal hospitals as well as corporations, public companies, research institutions and the Republic of Cyprus.” Claus Wechselmann Managing Director “I joined PD as a Director shortly after it was founded in 2009 and I have been Managing Director since 2016. With more than 700 employees spanning six locations in Germany, PD is the major in-house consultancy for the public sector. PD covers a comprehensive range of topics including consulting and management services regarding all aspects of modern administration, e.g. extensive administrative modernisation and process optimisation projects, construction projects, medical technology, IT projects, complex procurement procedures and the management of large-scale projects. We are more than just consultants – we specialise in building lasting partnerships with our clients, and our main focus is on transferring knowledge to the public sector and developing networks between public organisations. All of PD’s clients are national, federal state or local authorities or other kinds of public bodies and institutions. Because we are 100% publicly owned, we can be commissioned directly as an in-house consultancy. Before joining PD, I worked for Siemens AG, a start-up, and IBM. I held various management roles, worked in Asia for a number of years, and was responsible for consulting as well as sales and business strategy. Most recently, as a manager for IBM Germany, I was responsible for strategic business development in the public sector. One focus area of my work was to establish partnerships with public authorities. This is what brought me to PD’s predecessor company, ÖPP Deutschland AG – Partnerships Germany (PD), in 2009. It had been set up with the aim of advising public sector organisations at all federal levels regarding the opportunities of partnership models. Another goal was to assist public sector bodies in initiating contracts and shaping joint projects with private partners. The company itself was a public-private partnership and in 2014, I became a member of the Board of Directors. As a Board member, I was jointly responsible for PD’s conversion into a public company in 2016. Since I became Managing Director in 2016, I have been responsible for PD’s “strategic modernisation of public administration” unit. This unit covers digital governance, public security and finance, IT, human resources, mobility and organisational experts. Our specialist teams advise on strategic issues, support comprehensive digitisation programmes and, if necessary, provide crisis and interim management services.” Claus Wechselmann © PD – Berater der öffentlichen Hand GmbH

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