CEO Today - Management Consulting Awards 2022

Eva Gladek Founder of Metabolic About Eva Gladek As the founder of Metabolic, Eva Gladek has a compelling drive to change the way our economy functions. Her passion and determination to shape a sustainable and circular future has led her to work with organizations in nearly every economic sector, from progressive cities and NGOs, to industry leaders. Eva welcomes the most complex sustainability questions from any sector with an approach grounded in science and systems thinking, a core foundation for all of Metabolic’s consulting, research, and venture building work. Over the last 10 years, Eva Gladek has developed broadly-adopted methodologies for systems transformation, the circular economy, and sustainable design. Speaking at forums and events around the world, she shares her vision to accelerate a collective greater impact. She is also consistently listed among the top influencers in sustainability in the Netherlands, a country recognized as leading the transition to the circular economy. Eva works to create an economic system that benefits everyone. Her knowledge of sustainability builds on her Master’s in Industrial Environmental Management at Yale University and her Bachelor’s in Molecular Biology from Amherst College. Firm Profile For the first time in our history, we have begun to cross the safe boundaries within which the world operates. These boundaries include climate change, biodiversity, land use and the availability of essential resources. Protecting them is essential for our survival. Metabolic’s overarching mission is to transition the global economy to a fundamentally sustainable state. We believe we have the tools that, if harnessed correctly, can be used to create a genuinely new economy: a sustainable future that provides for the well-being of all people in a balanced and equitable way, while allowing our environmental life-support systems to thrive. While striving to maximize value generation from materials, we must take care that our activities do not cause us to overstep other planetary limits. A truly circular economy is one where we maximize the value generated from resource cycles without undermining the integrity of human societies. As an organization striving for systems change, we are working to transition the existing global economy as rapidly as possible by working with influential decision-makers to drive sustainability stewardship and organizational change. At the same time, we are working to build parallel systems based on principles that are fundamentally different to the current one, in the form of disruptive new ventures and pilots of new governance and finance models. CEO Today Management Consul t ing Award s 2022 - NETHERLANDS - - 35 -

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