CEO Today - Management Consulting Awards 2022

We have earned engagements with organisations of every scale because we deliver transformative solutions and substantial value every single time. Our clients know we are not going to be giving them tickets to the US Open and will not see our logo on golf shirts, but that is because our only focus is their success. Can you tell us a little about Behavioural Economics and why you feel it is integral to the future of demand planning? Most of us have been taught that decisionmaking is based on a rational interpretation of choices prioritised by value or utility. The problem is that decades of research has shown us that humans are not as good at objectivity or rational judgement How is it that a specialty management consultancy is working with large organisations like Dell, Microsoft and Heineken? Early on, we knew our solutions and approach could scale to any size of enterprise, but because of the amount of money huge consultancies spend on marketing and client relations, we believed there was no practical possibility to work with companies this size. What we quickly learned, though, as we earned referrals to larger and larger organisations, is that we were frequently coming in to clean up projects that huge consultancies had delivered. Clients were left with pretty PowerPoint decks and no clue how to implement what they outlined, not to mention monstrous invoices. ❝ Since our inception, it has been a guiding principle to deliver maximal client value and to be relentless in our efforts toward guiding them to success. ❝ CEO Today Management Consul t ing Award s 2022 - CANADA - - 50 -

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