CEO Today - Management Consulting Awards 2022

CEO Today Management Consul t ing Award s 2022 - 57 - Firm Profile rpc is a people consultancy with laser focus on guiding businesses to customercentric transformation. Nowadays, every company knows that customercentricity is critical to success. However, not all companies have a staff who understand this theory, and act on it every day. Nor might they have the skills/ tools to make it happen, or even the belief that customer-centricity is a key to organizational success. rpc helps support and steer these brands through the entire process of elevating employees to find their true customer-focused potential via training, coaching, consulting, and talent management, all driven by superior creative services and data analytics. With our approach that involves exploring curiously, thinking holistically, acting inspirationally and transforming successfully, we bring data, strategy, process, technology and transformation expertise to our clients as needed. Whatever the task, we always think end-to-end to ensure customers are inspired by their experience. In our range of performance services, you’ll find ways to sharpen your strategy and take performance-driven action; all with the focus of elevating your people. Here in the US, we combine our different skillsets to uniquely offer comprehensive solutions among our business lines. We thrive in environments where people and businesses need our consulting and coaching expertise as well training and talent management. We offer a multitude of options under each business line so we can meet our clients’ needs and set them up for success. Whether it be leadership trainings, team coaching, strategy and planning consulting or a talent acquisition program, rpc is equipped to help people and businesses shine. rpc - The Retail Performance Company was founded in 2013 as a joint venture of the BMW Group and h&z Management Consulting. Serving our clients with local expertise backed by global resources and knowledge, rpc has more than 400 employees in 10 countries. In the US, rpc’s headquarters are in New Jersey, and our team spans the entire country working on projects from coast to coast. Clements, CPC Vice President at The Retail Performance Company LLC Our Services Coaching Skilled certified coaches will help individuals and teams get ‘unstuck’ to unlock their full potential Consulting Management consulting to advance human resources, training, data analytics, and more Talent Services Bring and retain high-impact people into your organization by building the ideal culture and environment Training Elevate and empower your employees with new skills via training, designed to make your company shine Creative Services Deliver engaging, memorable content and experiences for your employees and customers Data Analytics Discover compelling employee and customer insights that drive motivating stories and create dashboards that highlight opportunities - USA - Tina Frey

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