CEO Today - Management Consulting Awards 2022

and adaptable manner. It was confirmed that the BCI model helps entrepreneurs to be self-effective and to thrive even in the chaos of pandemic-related contingencies, because the model helps them to follow procedures and to be agentive – as Bandura says, to cause a change and not to be a victimof circumstances in their business. Another lesson concerned the importance assumed by the supervision of coaches given our constant growth, especially of new coaches. We have implemented a quality department that supervises every single project in coordination with the business coach assigned to the customer, thus ensuring the highest quality and effectiveness of the service provided. Can you tell us about the current management and leadership trends that you are observing in Italy? As adherence to our activities shows, leaders perceive that something is changing beyond the pandemic, and they need to learn new things to be able to manage change. The elements involved are many, but the two main ones are the exponential growth of technology and the extremely current ‘Great Resignation’ phenomenon that is also spreading in Italy. Many employees, even in our companies, are resigning and not merely because they are dissatisfied with their salary; their motivations are deeper. People are no longer satisfied with an unfulfilling job that may be in an unorganized environment, which has a negative impact on their satisfaction and on the possibility of reconciling private life and career expectations. 140 people, of whom we received 83 applications and we selected 43 enrolled in the course. The goal is not only to train these coaches, but also to collaborate with them by sharing the increasingly numerous customers that we are able to acquire. What new insights in the field of business coaching have you gained during this time? The last two years have been a historic period characterised by great changes. The pandemic has given a sense of uncertainty and vulnerability to many entrepreneurs who have, in some cases, had to revolutionise their businesses to continue to thrive. The clearest message for us was that the protocols worked even in a state of full emergency because they allow business leaders to structure their companies in a solid way, to better manage the team and the business to changing conditions in a systematic Since we last spoke in 2021, how have your academy and its students developed? The Business Coaching Academy is the business unit that deals with training business coaches, teaching the coaching protocols and business processes that I have codified and implemented in my career (there are about 50 different protocols on the subject). The goal is to ensure that the technology we have developed is applied in the correct way, which is why it was necessary to publish a collection of such procedures within which the coach can find all the steps in the implementation of the activities. In 2021 we closed the training course started in March 2020 which enrolled 23 entrepreneurs, professionals and managers. Then, in the last quarter of 2021, we launched the new edition of the course and selected 43 candidates. It is important for us to select candidates by choosing from those who have applied to join. At the presentation there were about CEO Today Management Consul t ing Award s 2022 - ITALY - - 8 -

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