CEO Today Management Consulting Awards 2023

Didier Longueville For 25 years, Progress Consulting has been helping organizations meet strategic business challenges by developing human skills and transforming businesses. Our DNA is to help organizations to progress and transform both their structural dimensions (strategic positioning, organization, processes, talents, etc.) and their human dimensions (culture, behavior, attitudes, motivation, etc.). Unlike many large consultancy firms, Progress Consulting does not turn up at your business with offthe-shelf ideas and solutions. We don’t use standard scripts and tables. When working on-site, our experts try to blend in and immerse themselves in your organization. They adapt to the audience whether they’re talking to the management committee or an operational team working on the ground. Our corporate culture involves taking a humancentric approach with regard to all our actions — transparency, simplicity and respect — because the transformation of an organization is inseparable from the development of its people. Our Approach What has brought satisfaction to the organizations we have been helping for over 25 years? Our 400 + customers tell us it’s because we do not rely on preconceived bias or one-size-fits-all solutions. The lines in our logo represent the three professions that collaborate in your projects, i.e. training & coaching, management consulting, and talent management. We help you de-escalate tensions to see things more clearly thanks to specific courses of action. Changes in direction and transformations become more visible to the organization as a whole. We are constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions, whether through our technology watch or our monthly team discussions. How we like to work Systemic Approach To bring about a lasting transformation in an organization, we focus on its different dimensions taking a 360° approach. For example, changing the strategy without taking the corporate culture into account results in disappointing outcomes. Offering training when the structure is not adapted to new behaviors can even be counterproductive and demotivating! In practice, our project team will comprise different profiles (trainer, coach, consultant, recruiter, talent manager, digital learning expert, etc.) reporting to a project manager who guarantees the coherence of the overall approach. Our consultants are trained in personal development tools and our trainers are familiar with project management methods. Customer Orientation We believe that a joint construction approach is essential when it comes to helping our clients meet their challenges. We create a specific approach for your strategy meaning that targets, methodologies, project management and resources are implemented in line with your unique context. At Progress Consulting, we believe that a mission’s success depends on in-depth analysis and understanding to ensure that we that we speak the same language and are able to visualize where you want to be. Even for short missions we adopt a project approach, i.e. diagnosing the initial situation, making observations on the ground, measuring the expected results — we will guide you from A to Z! Founder & Managing Partner of Progress Consulting ABOUT PROGRESS CONSULTING CEO Today Management Consulting Awards 2023 - BELGIUM - - 20 -

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