CEO Today Management Consulting Awards 30 CEO Today Management Consulting Awards 2018 united kingdom MIKE LOGINOV CEO of Ascot Barclay Cybersecurity ABOUT MIKE LOGINOV Mike Loginov, Winner of the CEO Magazine Management Consultant of the Year 2018, is a Global Cyber Security Strategist, Certified Chief Information Security Officer (C|CISO) and winner of the UK Cyber Security Awards Industry Personality and CISO of the Year 2016. He is also former Chief Cyber Security Strategist for HP and the Founder and CEO of Cyber Security Firm of the Year the Ascot Barclay Group which is now celebrating it’s 12th anniversary. Mike is a well-known and sought after public speaker on the international industry events circuit. He is currently CISO at Powel AS Norway, a specialist firm serving the global Energy and Utilities industry, and he serves as an advisor on the subject of cyber defence to a number of global companies and international governments. Mike is a former UK Military specialist, Ethical Hacker and Cyber Security Strategist and is a hands-on leader having served as CSO & CISO for FTSE 100 organisations. His clients have included; The Bank of England, Sky Broadcasting, Generali, The Football Premier League, Central Government, Serious Organized Crime Agency (CEOP) and Metropolitan Police as well as firms of all sizes across commerce and industry. Mike has judged on the SC Magazine European Awards for the past six years and is President of the International Operational Technology Association ( ), a not for profit initiative serving the Global Operational Technology cyber security community, which was launched with the support of the UK’s National Cyber Security Center (NCSC). He is formally a founder, lecturer and Vice Chairman of the Coventry University National MBA in Cyber Security which is now in its third year. The company he founded in 2006, The Ascot Barclay Group (ABG), are an award winning private security firm now headquartered in London UK, which specializes in helping organisations harden their security posture by reducing the risk of a security compromise from digital cyberattacks, human factors such as social engineering or through a breach of physical defences. Taking a structured approach, honed over the past 10 years and to ensure all bases across the enterprise are covered, ABG has developed the 5M’s framework: • Management - Key Leadership Factors including defining the organisational risk appetite, risk profile, defence strategy and ensuring the necessary level of Security Leadership is in place. • Monitor – Visible oversight of security posture. Real time monitoring across the business to identify areas of compromise or weaknesses in the technical and operational infrastructure. Assessment against ISO27001, NIS, GDPR…. • Measure – Capture current security baseline, prioritize and plan using a comprehensive matrix of industry best practice recommendations. Provides the Board and Executive teams with visible oversight to better manage risk and prioritize actions. • Mitigate – Risk mitigation and resolution, closing the gaps and securing the organisation across all potential areas of exploitation, penetration testing and red team assessments to check that adversaries are blocked from exploiting vulnerabilities. • Maintain – Achieve and hold an appropriate level of security resilience and continue the journey toward being Hacker Hardened™ - The threat landscape is constantly changing, new legislation, new technologies, changes in the business and market place and, of course, as hacker activity and methods of compromise continue to become more creative, provide constant reviews and checks to ensure resilience is an ongoing requirement. SOLUTIONS TO THE CYBER SECURITY CHALLENGE. The Ascot Barclay Group has conducted extensive research into understanding the role of the Chief Informa- tion Security Officer (CISO) and the environments they are asked to protect both key factors in developing a robust security posture and the prevention or recov- ery of a significant security breach. Having interviewed and pro- filed scores of CISO’s over the past ten years and from this developing the CISO Fingerprint™ and the CISO Footprint™ both pragmatic tools to help organizations and CISO’s to work more effectively in the delivery of Cyber Security capabilities. The tools are provided free and accessible via the As- cot Barclay website: https://www.ascotbarclay . com/ciso-footprint.html This research has inspired Mike to author a book on the subject entitled ‘CISO De- fenders of the Cyber Realm’ which is due for release in the Fall of 2018 and provides insights into the working lives and mindset of those special individuals who take on this daunting task. T: +44 (0)7785238251 | E:

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