CEO Today Management Consulting Awards 2023

CEO Today Management Consulting Awards 2023 - 44 - - USA - Melinda Connor DD, PhD, AMP, FAM, EHP-C Called a visionary leader and key participant in the holistic health and wellness community both nationally and internationally since the 1980’s, Dr. Melinda Connor, DD, PhD, AMP, FAM, EHP-C, is this year’s winner of the 2023 Consultant Award for Holistic Research and Consulting-USA. “Companies and humans that create them are unique works of art. When you view each individual or each company as a work of art, you can create scalable solutions that are specific to the individual needs,” observes Dr. Connor. “Today we have a complex, global environment with a continuous barrage of information. Being good at problem analysis and the breaking down of information into individual solvable components, is left over from my days in Silicon Valley doing technical support and pre and post sales support in the computer industry,” says Dr. Connor. Founder and CEO of Earthsongs Holistic Consulting, she is focused on finding the cause and the solution to the originating issue of a given problem. “My degrees in clinical psychology and rotations in neuropsychology lead to an understanding of solutions through research. We are fortunate to be able to do both aspects, research and consulting, at Earthsongs Holistic Consulting, as we seek to find customized solutions for our clients.” Dr. Connor’s undergraduate work at Harvard University and Wellesley College propelled her to three master’s degrees, two doctorates and a NIH post doctoral research fellowship at the Program in Integrative Medicine at University of AZ. Board certified and a fellow of both the American Alternative Medicine Association and the Royal Society of Medicine(UK), Dr. Connor also seeks to share this perspective with students at Akamai University where she is Director of Research. “We need to incorporate the best of the wisdom, techniques and practices available from history and add it to best practices of today,” she says. Working at the national and international levels, she is a proponent of traditional medicine being appropriately incorporated into main stream practices and is an active participant in non-profit work where she was a founding member and board chair of the sister organizations, and Adding to her list of activities, she is the new executive director of the nonprofit, quarterly, online International Journal of Healing and Caring. She laughs as she says, “I have never been afraid of hard work and there are lots of things that need tuning in the world.” Dr Connor’s range of research interests, with national and international conference presentations, run the gamut of topics such as: photobiomodulation, tripeptide and amino acid impact research, device and product testing, 14 years spent in the development of an empirical test of energy practitioners, professional standards and studying the impact of spiritual music on the human body. “Today in the US the FTC wants to see peer-reviewed scientific research to back all health related claims,” Dr. Connor observes. This range of research interests then are used in targeted solutions backed by empirical evidence with studies created per client request. As the author of ten books and multiple journal articles, Dr. Connor and her team at Earthsongs Holistic Consulting bring a broad range of skills available to clients seeking holistic health research and consulting support. Dr. Founder and CEO of Earthsongs Holistic Consulting UNIQUE SOLUTIONS FOR UNIQUE SITUATIONS. By Kendra Gaines, Ph.D.

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