CEO Today Management Consulting Awards 2023

CEO Today Management Consulting Awards 2023 - 50 - - HONG KONG - ABOUT QUINLAN & ASSOCIATES As one of the most cited financial services consulting firms in the world, Q&A has become synonymous with doing things differently. This reputation has led us to expand our expertise into new industries. And our results have led our clients to return time and again. Don’t expect the same thinking, process or outputs from us as you have received from other consultants in the past. We do not comply with the traditional consulting model. A model built on hypotheses. A model that has evolved into conservative, universally acceptable thinking. We make brave yet accurate calls. And, we translate this cutting-edge advice into commercially executable solutions. Our end-to-end service offering gives you the flexibility to seek our guidance where you need help the most. Our team of strategy consulting professionals and global network of alliance partners gives you the support and knowledge you need to get things done. And, our market insights and proprietary data gives you the proof and certainty you need to make bold, business-changing decisions. The Q&A consulting model has been developed with one sole mission in mind; to put you an essential step ahead of your competitors.

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